This webpage has a link to the annual GAME PROGRAM  which, although not "user-friendly", will ultimately provide statistics on deer harvest records (Adobe acrobat required).  Information in the Game Program reveals over 110,000 rabbits and 179,000 squirrels harvested in the 1998-99 season.  (This compares to 108,865  rabbits and 226,032 squirrels taken in 1997-98.)

A good discussion on the bear population in Maryland is presented (no bear hunting is allowed in the state at this time).  Another link to DEER HUNTING IN MARYLAND provides some good information on Maryland's deer populations and deer in general.  An excellent discussion of the furbearer industry in the US is presented (as is a profile of  nutria in Maryland) in the Game Program annual report.

Unfortunately, no statistics on furbearers are available from the state at this time.  However, discussions with the furbearer biologist for Maryland has provided the following information.

OTTER - 200 are harvested on average every year in the eastern shore region.  Otters have been reintroduced into Garrett and Allegany Counties and are not trapped presently.  

FISHER - 10 to 15 are harvested each year.  Fishers have been extirpated in the east, but have been re-introduced into West Virginia have entered three western Maryland counties.

BOBCAT - Bobcats are thriving in Garrett/Allegany Counties and expanding their range to the east.  In Washington County, they are doing fair in suitable habitats.  A few sightings north of Baltimore, and a roadkill on the DC beltway 10-15 years ago indicate bobcat have recently existed in these areas.  There is no hunting season on bobcats statewide.  

COYOTES - Can be found in every county in the state.

BEAR - The 2009 estimated black bear population for Maryland is ~362.  A growing population in western Maryland has been spreading eastward since the 1980's.  Garrett County has the largest population, while Allegany and Washington Counties report numerous sightings.  

From, it is reported:

Currently, Maryland has a breeding population of black bears in the 4 westernmost counties (Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Frederick), with the highest bear densities found in Garrett and western Allegany counties (approximately 880 mi2). Although evidence of a breeding population is confined to the western 4 counties, DNR receives several bear sightings and complaints in central and southern Maryland counties each year.

A black bear season started in 2004.  Again, from the same website; Harvest quotas have ranged from 30 to 75 bears between 2004 and 2008. The harvest range for the 2009 season has been set at 60 85 bears. In 2004, hunters harvested 20 bears on the opening day of the six-day season. DNR effectively closed the hunt at the end of the first day to avoid exceeding the harvest quota. In 2005, 40 bears were harvested in 4 days; in 2006, 41 bears were harvested in 2 days of hunting, 51 bears were harvested in 4 days in 2007, and 56 bears were harvested in 4 days in 2008.

DEER - Maryland's total deer population for the 2008-2010 season is estimated at 231,000.  The total harvest for the 2009-2010 season was 100,663.  Additionally, 13,222 were reported as road kills. (Montgomery County led the state with 1,945 kills, with Baltimore County  second with 1,769.