If you click on the subtopic "Regulations", you'll find links to black bear, deer, and boar harvests under the column entitled "Big Game Harvest and Reporting".

There are an estimated 6,000 bear in the Coastal Plain Region and 3,500 in the Mountain Region.  The Piedmont Region of NC, for the most part, does not have bears.  Some bears have moved up river corridors (from Coastal Plain areas) into Piedmont areas of NC along the Virginia border and areas near Ft. Bragg, but these populations are
very small at this time.

For the 1999-2000 season, there were 1,366 black bear, 124,281 deer, and 99 boar harvested statewide.  For black bear, 881 were taken in coastal counties versus only 485 in mountain counties.

The big game program coordinator says that between 10,00 to 12,000 deer are killed on the roads, and that the total deer mortality for 1999 was about 314,000.  Further he reports the North Carolina deer population now stands at between 950,000 and 1 million animals.

Small game records are not kept.